• Domain Invest on a global scale

    DI S.A. is one of the leading players in the Internet domains market, working in the investment, development, brokerage and consulting segments.

    Our management team, technical expertise, financial strength and global reach provide a competitive advantage and ensure broad exposure to valuable domains—from conventional domain names to high quality opportunities.

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  • DI S.A. Services

    We are in the business of acquiring, selling, developing and monetizing Internet domain names . See more of our services:
    • Acquiring Internet Domain Names
    • Selling Internet Domain Portals
    • Domain Monetization
    • Domain Development
    • Domain Leasing

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  • Generic Domain Names deliver
    pre-qualified leads

    Your domain name should reflect your business, describe the services you provide or what you sell. Keep your domain name as brief as possible.

    DI S.A. owns many generic and descriptive domains which are perfect for your marketing purposes.

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  • Domains Portfolio

    We proudly present a selection of our web portals and domain names portfolio. Some of our performing domains are for sale now.

    Make sure you won’t miss such a good offer! Convince yourself by checking out these valuable domains and contact us for more details!

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We are about investing, acquiring and selling valuable domains on a global scale
Domainers and Corporate services

Domainers and Corporate services

By taking full advantage of our growing domains portfolio and our investing resources we are offering a full range of domain services for companies and domainers alike. You can find more details on our domaining services page.
Find out more about DI S.A.

Find out more about DI S.A.

DI S.A. is one of the leading players in the Internet domains market, working in the investment, development, brokerage and consulting segments. All about DI S.A.
What are domain names?

What are domain names?

Domain Names are valuable assets and the showcase of a company on the Internet, bringing instant credibility and attracting more targeted visitors. Find out more about domain names.
DI S.A. domains portfolio

DI S.A. domains portfolio

DI S.A. invests in high value domain names, establishing a presence in several key sectors and having a large domains portfolio. See our domains portfolio.

Some of our Domain Names

Finance Domain Names Portfolio
Some examples for the European markets include: industriekredit.de for Germany, credito.it for Italy, creditoonline.es and finanza.es for Spain, managedforex.co.uk and venturecapitalism.co.uk for the United Kingdom, pretshypothecaires.fr, placementsdefonds.fr and fondsmanagement.ch for respectively France and Switzerland.
Health Domains Names Portfolio
DI S.A. Health portfolio includes well performing websites, traffic-wise such as : www.multivitamins.com , www.vitamin.eu, www.healthjob.de, www.healthjobusa.com, www.healthtruth.com, www.womenshealthmagazine.com, or fast growing sector domain names such as www.diets.net, www.lowfatdiets.co.uk, www.dietfood.com and www.1daydiet.com.
Education Domains Names Portfolio
DI S.A. Education portfolio includes names generating high levels of traffic such as ineedadegree.com, degreeexpress.com, teachingandlearning.com, universitydegree.co.uk, linktolearn.com or even www.mycollegeguide.com and www.onlineschool.com. It’s interesting to note that the company owns education domain names in all major languages, enabling it to easily reach potential high growth markets. This includes highly performing names like ecolesprivees.fr, coursdusoir.fr, cours.be and also escuelaingles.es, aprenderingles.es, cursoingles.es, or even szkoła.pl, gimnazjum.pl and liceum.pl.


We are very excited to be backing an European leader in this field. Domain names are inherently profitable assets whose market value is consistently rising. Under the care of this very experienced and motivated management team, we are confident the company will continue along its very successful path.
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