About DI S.A.

DI S.A. is one of the leading players in the Internet domains market, working in the investment, development, brokerage and consulting segments.

DI S.A. is a company that acquires existing internet domain names that already generate revenues and offer value increase potential. DI S.A. monetize their traffic by dynamically generating websites presenting advertisements contextually related to their domain name.

DI S.A. started its business in 2008, being based in Bertrange, Luxembourg. DI S.A. was founded by Xavier Buck, the actual Executive Chairman, as well as Managing Director  Frederick Schiwek.

The company owns high performing domains such as whiskey.com, credito.it or werken.nl.

The well-established nature of company business is confirmed by several big funding entities like Iris Capital, BIP Investment Partners, Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement as well as the company’s management team and some individual investors. DI S.A. now holds a capital of about 18 million Euros, enabling the forward thinking company to freely pursue its domains acquisition policy.

DI S.A. invests in high value domain names, establishing a presence in several key sectors. It has a large domains portfolio, each of them attracting a high number of visitors every month and generating high income by advertising and affiliation.

As most of the traffic is highly qualified, advertisers are willing to pay higher amounts to secure space over DI S.A. extensive database; therefore DI S.A. does develop some websites by monetizing potential domain names with targeted websites and advertising pages.