September 6, 2010   Posted by: Domain Invest

DI SA launches the Belgian portal

The domain name company is releasing their developed site which will serve as a portal for French speaking people from or interested by Brussels.

DI S.A, a well known domain name investment company has just launched a new website in French: The city of Brussels, arguably one of the most beautiful cities of Europe is at the heart of the European Union and stands as one of the richest in terms of architecture, history or food delicacies.

Furthermore, the recent events about the political situation of Belgium and Brussels, underline the fact that the capital of Belgium is at the heart of a political turmoil, everyone seeming to have a thought on the subject and in need of a place to exchange with others. plans to be THE portal on the city of Brussels for all French speakers, tourists and residents alike, offering them a wealth of information on the city, its history and culture.

The website will enable Internet users to prepare their trip to the city, be informed of the latest development happening in town, but they’ll also be able to book a flight inbound or outbound Brussels, as well as book a hotel directly via the website. is at heart a community website, and DI SA encourages citizens to interact with each other, to comment on new posts on the forum, as well as participating in various polls and let their opinion be read and heard.

The domain is a high value domain, already attracting very high levels of organic traffic, and the developed website will surely attract even more users, raising the value exponentially, especially considering the actual political situation and the fact that French speakers are looking for new ways to express their point of view on that issue or just interested by the issue or the city itself.

DI SA invests and develops hundreds of thousands of domains, and this high-traffic one will adds up to the already extensive database of high value domain names owned by the company. French speaking premium domains like,, or even will surely establish even further the reach of the forward thinking company.

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