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Domain Invest S.A Expands Its Education Domains Portfolio

Domain Invest S.A, a major domain names company acquired the high profile domain name: www.collegesdegree.com, in a move to position itself at the forefront of the ever growing sector of online education.

More and more people and especially parents are looking up online for anything related to education, whether it’s to help children with their schoolwork, to find information on schools in the area or even to register to online education content.
The current trend on online education has spawned many websites providing personalized or group based education alongside the official school curriculum, and online education seems likely to last. It is therefore important for companies in that area to position themselves on the Internet while they still can.

It’s a well known fact that learning a foreign language, improving Mathematics or simply trying to find a college with the appropriate education offer in the desired area, can be quite time consuming. Having the required information all in one place could help people and especially parents make a thoughtful choice in terms of education. A website such as collegesdegree.com could provide easy access to information, while allowing public or private education bodies to present their teaching offer to a worldwide audience.

An already extensive “education” database

The high profile domain names will join the already extensive database of education domains owned by Domain Invest, including names generating high levels of traffic such as ineedadegree.com, degreeexpress.com, teachingandlearning.com, universitydegree.co.uk, linktolearn.com or even www.mycollegeguide.com and www.onlineschool.com. It’s interesting to note that the company owns education domain names in all major languages, enabling it to easily reach potential high growth markets. This includes highly performing names like ecolesprivees.fr, coursdusoir.fr, cours.be and also escuelaingles.es, aprenderingles.es, cursoingles.es, or even szkoła.pl, gimnazjum.pl and liceum.pl
This move will surely enable Domain Invest to act as a major player in the current trend over education websites, which has seen a growing interest in all major countries worldwide within the last couple of years.

Domain Invest is a company that acquires existing internet domain names that already generate revenues and offer value increase potential. Domain Invest monetize their traffic by dynamically generating websites presenting advertisements contextually related to their domain name. These country specific websites collectively attract large audiences, enabling Domain Invest to sell targeted advertising.

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