June 28, 2011   Posted by: Domain Invest

Domain Invest Expands Its Finance Domain Names Portfolio

One of the global leaders in domain names, Domain Invest S.A has expanded its portfolio of domains in the Finance sector by acquiring high profile names kapitalversicherung.org and baugeldhypothek.de.

Domain names related to Finance are known to generate extremely high levels of traffic, and with the global Economy warming up again, all major actors in this area are waiting to invest and do the right move, whether it’s by increasing their capital, diversifying their offer, investing into Forex or simply establishing their presence in markets they might have overlooked in the past. European countries like Germany in particular, seem to be getting back on their feet and their markets are predicted to grow in the near future, so these domain names will surely establish Domain Invest as a major player in the Finance field. We know that since the Economy crisis, there is a growing trend about online banking and people closely monitoring their retirement funds, loans or mortgages, so the demand for such websites is expected to grow accordingly, something Domain Invest intends to be a part of in the near future.

An impressive collection on domain names about Finance

Domain Invest owns an impressive array of websites related to Finance, with the goal to be one of the leaders in Economy based domain names. Some of the names are extremely successful traffic-wise and the company owns domains on Finance and Economy in all major languages, and is expanding rapidly. Some examples for the European markets include: finanzecheck.de and industriekredit.de for Germany, credito.it for Italy, creditoonline.es and finanza.es for Spain, managedforex.co.uk and venturecapitalism.co.uk for the United Kingdom, pretshypothecaires.fr, placementsdefonds.fr and fondsmanagement.ch for respectively France and Switzerland. The global market is represented by highly performing domains in all areas of Economy and Finance such as: debtcredit.org, scorecredit.com, www.iban.com, bestrateloans.com, inforloan.com, demandloans.com, capitaldeal.com, myretirementfunds.com, austinhomemortgage.com, monstermortgage.com and scorecredit.com.

Domain Invest wants by this move to establish itself as one of the leaders in Economy based domain names and is expected to expand its portfolio accordingly in order to reach that goal both in Europe and Worldwide.

Domain Invest is a company that acquires existing internet domain names that already generate revenues and offer value increase potential. Domain Invest monetize their traffic by dynamically generating websites presenting advertisements contextually related to their domain name. These country specific websites collectively attract large audiences, enabling Domain Invest to sell targeted advertising.

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