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Hosting.co.uk Improves Usability and Customer Engagement with Launch of Sleek, Redesigned Website

New website offers modern design aesthetics combined with improved ease of use

LUXEMBOURG, April 2, 2013 — The web design and development process is an opportunity to focus attention on the fundamental components that make any web-based enterprise successful. The recently launched redesign of Hosting.co.uk perfectly demonstrates that concept. The company has incorporated feedback from users, resulting in a site that is even more user-friendly and attractive than the company’s previous design. Executives at Hosting.co.uk believe the new site will help boost conversions and expand the company’s footprint in the web hosting marketplace.

“As a hosting service, it’s important that our web presence be thoroughly clean and modern,” explained Hosting.co.uk’s Frederick Schiwek. “We have worked hard to produce a website that is both attractive and efficient. Already, comments from users indicate we have taken a big step forward. Ultimately, the redesign of Hosting.co.uk will further cement our position as a global leader in web hosting services.”

The new Hosting.co.uk website adopts many of the concepts of Web 2.0, which is the philosophical and conceptual underpinning of the modern web. As a concrete example, the company has managed to fit more information on the home page without creating undue clutter. A first-time visitor to the site can discover everything that Hosting.co.uk offers to its customers in the course of a few minutes. Links to more detailed information are easy to see and understand. At the same time, there is still plenty of white space to break up the text, helping to reduce eye strain and clutter.

Hosting services are the bread and butter of Hosting.co.uk, and the new website ensures that this fact is front and center for all site visitors. The company’s main service can be further broken down into three distinct services: web hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting. Web hosting is ideal for individual and small business users, with the smallest plans costing only a few dollars a month. VPS, or virtual private server, hosting provides an affordable solution for business customers looking to do away with on-site server rooms. Hosting.co.uk offers reseller hosting options for customers interested in multiple websites or hosting customers of their own. The reseller plans are competitively priced and available in a range of disk space thresholds. “Mini” plans offer 10 GB of space, while “Leader” plans provide a whopping 200 GB.

Hosting.co.uk includes numerous value-added services and options that effectively distinguish the company from its closest competitors. For instance, earlier in 2013 the company became an authorized reseller of MEGA cloud storage services. With MEGA, customers can add up to 4 TB of secure cloud storage, protecting their business-critical data against unforeseen disasters. All hosting plans also include a suite of useful features, such as Google Analytics support, email services, cPanel control panel for administrators and access to application interfaces in every programming language.

Forward-looking benefits and features are part of the corporate culture at Hosting.co.uk. As such, the company has included Bitcoin as one of several eligible payment methods. Bitcoin is a digital currency that cuts through the difficulties posed by exchange rates.

“Innovation and adaptation are essential in web hosting and web-based services,” added Schiwek. “With our full site redesign, Hosting.co.uk has signaled to current and future customers that it’s ready and willing to stay ahead of the innovation curve. Not only that, we will continue to assess and tweak the site as needed to ensure the most satisfactory user experience possible.”

About Hosting.co.uk

Hosting.co.uk combines industry expertise with unparalleled customer service and technical support. With a data network based in the United Kingdom, the company offers its remarkably affordable service throughout Europe, North America and the World. The recently launched affiliate program signifies that the company is looking toward a bright future.


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