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Icann Prague and new TLD´s

We are approaching Newsletter Nr. 9!

We had a very good month and sold some really nice domains, but we are still not at the end, here is the next batch for you. As usual, if you are interested simply reply to this email.

New TLD´s

Is it a hype or a horror? Or maybe something in between? June 13, ICANN announced the list of applicants for 1,930 potentially new top level domains, including many doubles.

Broadly speaking there’re two types of new TLD, the .brands incl. Cities and the poor rest. The brands might have a chance because of their visibility and maybe endless money. Sorry guys, talking about the rest … to many of them I meet during Icann Prague, I am sure that most will fail or rest somewhere in the corner. So many without strategy, just hoping that registrars will implement them is not enough. They rely very often on an imaginary community, but there are approximately 280 TLDs existing today without internationalized TLDs, it seems to me that some of them are hoping for luck or being bought by their competitor.
For all the money spend and people behind I hope that I might be mistaken.
New businesses will even more carefully evaluate in future, behind which domain/TLD they set their internet presence, niche TLD´s which might confuse the consumer/users or choose an established ccTLD or gTLD. Picking the right domain name was always a fundamental decision for the business, and domainers said this always. From now on I believe it will be even more important to pick the right domain under the right TLD.

It is summertime! And we are selling boatrepairs.com!

originals.com – 110000€
boatrepairs.com – 25000€
quickmail.com – 40000€
fastagain.com – 1500€
trueauto.com – 9500€
homealarms.com – 50000€
laughoutloud.com – 12000€
getmoneynow.com (ask)
menssuits.com (ask)
freeringtones.net (ask)

On a sidenote ….

New office phone number in Luxembourg: +352 202 123 3 And Fax Number: +352 20 21 23 39 33

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