Domaining Services for Companies

“A premium domain name brings a lot of credibility to your product…” Frederick Schiwek- Managing Director, DI S.A.

Generic Domain Names deliver pre-qualified leads

Picking the right domain name is critical to your success: the best domain is at least as good as the right spot in a shopping mall or your storefront in the most exclusive shopping street on earth. Since your customers will equate your domain name with your business for years to come, you can think of your website’s domain name as the persona of your online enterprise.

Your domain name should reflect your business, describe the services you provide, or what you sell. Keep your domain name as brief as possible. DI S.A. owns many generic and descriptive domain names which are perfect for your marketing purposes.

Sell your domains/websites

Your Marketing Department or your Marketing Agency thought it would be a good idea to buy and register as many domains as possible? Now you know that you own too many?
If your domains are made of generic words and generate traffic naturally, we would be happy to review them and could give you a rapid feedback.