October 15, 2012   Posted by: Domain Invest

The week after targeted traffic

It´s the Newsletter Nr. 18

Hello friends! This is the monday after a successful Targeted Traffic week in Fort Lauderdale! I enjoyed meeting all the old school domainer and developers again, some great days full of information and networking.


Do you know how to recognize a real domain broker on the street? He drives a big car with the right number plate. Check this out, it´s Toby Clement. Toby at Toby dot Com. This reminds me of luckynumberplate.net $100 and it´s yours.


And again, some more great domains!

Take some time to review the names featured in today’s newsletter as well as on www.websiteforsale.co.uk, we added new names to the Site! If you see something you like, please contact us at +352 2021233-425 or sales@i.biz to make an offer and we will work with you to find a solution or a similar domain name.

We look forward to hearing from you!

youngflowers.com – high 4-figures Euro
bedsandmore.com – high 4-figures Euro
iklanbaris.com – low 5-figures Euro
chesslive.com – low-to mid 5-figures Euro
cuarteto.com – high 4-figures Euro
onesuit.com – low to mid. 5-figures Euro
neckers.com – low 4-figures Euro
suenos.com – low 5-figures Euro


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